Mandolin Srinivas=Margazhi Music Darbar -2018-19
Uppalapu Shrinivas was a Indian Mandolin maestro, prodigy, trailblazer and composer belonging to the classical Carnatic. musical tradition... more
Tanarupi Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
It is the 6th Melakrtharāgam in the 72 melakartarāgam system of Carnatic music. It is called Tanukeerti in MuthuwsamiDikshitar school of Carnatic music.... more
Shymala’s music gurukulam- Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
As I neared the house of Mrs.Shyamala Krishnadas , I could feel the music filling the air. The house is invariably full of music and glee writes Lavanya... more
Forum Rocks Live With Karthik Iyer
The Forum Vijaya Mall presents Forum Rocks Live with Karthik Iyer, The Chennai’s favorite shopping mall hosted the concert featuring Karthik Iyer with his own unique style of music called IndoSoul on 20th Jan 2018.... more
Sunday Kutcheri in the Park
Sunday Kutcheri in the Park... more
Margazhi Music Darbar 2017 by GRT Jewellers
Awards for Rama Vaidhyanathan, Srekala Bharath... more
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