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Mandolin Srinivas=Margazhi Music Darbar -2018-19
Uppalapu Shrinivas was a Indian Mandolin maestro, prodigy, trailblazer and composer belonging to the classical Carnatic. musical tradition... more
Tanarupi Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
It is the 6th Melakrtharāgam in the 72 melakartarāgam system of Carnatic music. It is called Tanukeerti in MuthuwsamiDikshitar school of Carnatic music.... more
Shymala’s music gurukulam- Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
As I neared the house of Mrs.Shyamala Krishnadas , I could feel the music filling the air. The house is invariably full of music and glee writes Lavanya... more
Raam presents a lively Kutcheri in
As part of the monthly Sunday Kutcheri in the Park organised by Sundaram Finance, 12 year old Raam Manikandan, a Class VIII student of PSBB School, Siruseri presented a lively Mikeless Kutcheri... more
A Peep into the Musical Past by Dr.S.Amarnath with M.A. History Students
Dr. S. Amarnath (one of the “Mylapore Trio”) who is a Professor of History at Presidency College, Chennai, led a group of Ph.D and M.A students to the “IYAL ISAI MUSEUM... more
Kanchipuram Handloom
Kanchipuram Handloom... more
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