Celebrate the beauty of the moon at Sian

It’s that time of the year when SIAN, the contemporary Chinese restaurant at The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway Chennai comes alive with the the Mid-Autumn Festival, the second most important Chinese Festival after Chinese New Year.


Popularly known as the Moon Festival, this is the occasion when the moon, a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and family reunion, is believed to be the biggest and fullest. At Sian, the specially hand-crafted menu by Executive Chef Jaffar Ali and Chef Ashwini of Sian is filled with traditional quintessential flavours from the regions of China. With something for each palate - vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood - guests can savour delightful orient flavours!


Delight in special Crab meat and thyme soup; Chicken and chilli tomato soup; Exotic vegetable chinese wine soup; or Tofu and noodles clear soup with golden ginger, all served with Chinese buns. For starters we recommend Dry cooked beans with chilli and sesame; (Wok tossed beans with crushed chilli & sesame seed); and Taro & water chestnut dimsum (Tapioca & water chestnut steamed dumpling with chives and garlic dips and black pepper dip) for vegetarians while non-vegetarians can choose from Golden fried stuffed crab claws with homemade sweet chilli sauce (Deep fried crab claws served with sweet chilli sauce); Stir fried duck meat with tangy chilli and black bean (Roasted duck meat tossed with tangy chilli and black bean sauce); and Lamb black pepper dumpling (Minced lamb, black pepper steamed dumpling).The main-course menu is dotted with delicacies like Chengdu pickled chilli jumbo prawns (Jumbo prawns tossed with tangy pickle chilli); Honey black pepper lamb with mountain pickled chilies (Slice lamb with mountain chilli and black pepper sauce); and Shredded Chilli and Mint fish with tobandjan sauce (Slice grouper cooked with chilli bean and fresh chilli); Braised spicy pumpkin (Diced of yellow pumpkin with spicy pepper sauce); and Exotic vegetables Maoushi sauce (Homemade spicy chilli sauce tossed with seasonal vegetables).  Savour these with accompaniments like yan cho fried rice (Small diced of meat (chicken & lamb) wok tossed rice); or bouquet exotic vegetable fried rice (Julianne of vegetable with tossed noodles). No Moon festival is complete without the traditional Mooncakes – savour  Taro and bean Swirl Moon cakes; together with Caramelized banana toffee with iced lychees; Avocado tapioca pearls or Natural Ice Creams (Tender coconut, jaggery, green tea, Sichuan pepper).

Come, experience the essence of Chinese cuisine with family and friends at Sian, The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway Chennai.


  Date- October 18th .For  details contact-446682500



Oct 13, 2017
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