Looking beyond treating patients
Dr N R Jayakumar, who runs the Madan Homoeo Clinic, has devoted his life to Homeopathy which he says is the best method of treatment as it treats the person than the disease... more
Sharing is caring
Homeopath, Dr S Chidambaranathan, opens up the treasure chest of his success with complicated cases and gives us an insight into how this system of medicine works, and to help patients... more
Mental disorders in the elderly
Dr Chidambaranathan says Homeopathic treatment can help to a great extent to help the elderly handle mental disorders that arise due to various reasons and make their frail lives worse... more
Mental disorders and sexual dysfunction
Homeopath, Dr S Chidambaranathan, describes the various problems that could arise in a man or woman’s sexual life due to mental disorders and how Homeopathy can help... more
Suicidal mania
Homeopath, Dr Chidambaranathan, takes up a complicated subject like suicidal mania in a person and shows how the system of medicine he practices can help one live well... more
Mind disorders in adolescents
Homeopath, Dr S Chidambaranathan, goes deep into the various mental disorders that affect persons who are just growing out of their childhood and blossoming into adults... more
Mental disorders-1
Taking up mental disorders in children, Homeopath, Dr S Chidambaranathan, says it is best to treat them at an early stage and get good results from Homeopathy... more
Mind - The boss
Homeopath, Dr Chidambaranathan, takes up the issue of physical and mental health which are inter-related and need to be taken care of for the good of the other... more
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