Plastic Surgery
Liposuction – Instructions
Here are detailed instructions from plastic surgeon Dr Karthik on what to do before and after liposuction surgery and how to manage the situation... more
Care of legs after liposuction
Chennai plastic surgeon, Dr Karthik, goes on explain how one should take care of legs that have been subjected to liposuction to remove the excess fat... more
Liposuction post-menopause
Menopause bring significant change in body fat distribution, in a way that this fat tends to accumulate in new areas, creating an androgenic fat distribution... more
Liposuction of thigh fat
The fat deposits in the lower body are often highly resistant to diet or exercise and can be re-contoured by liposuction, says renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr Karthik... more
Liposuction of the hips
As women get older, the fat deposit around their broadening lower waist gets accentuated by excess fat in the hips, says plastic surgeon, Dr Karthik... more
Liposuction of the bottom
Well, the bottomline is that you have a bottom that shows that you are fit and fine and liposuction helps in getting that perfect shape, says Dr Karthik... more
Liposuction of the waist
Excess fat accumulation in the waist area is extremely difficult to get rid of through exercise of diet, says plastic surgeon Karthik... more
For a flatter tummy
Plastic surgeon Karthik explains that getting a flatter stomach by getting rid of unwanted flab is not such a big deal after all and can be done medically... more
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