Aurobindo establishes Ashram
He collaborated with Mother and founded the spiritual sanctuary, bastion of bliss, the world renowned Aurobindo Ashram in 1926 at Pondicherry... more
Aurobindo the yogi
Aurobindo, who spiritedly joined the Indian freedom movement, came to Pondicherry – now Puducherry - in 1910 and founded an ashram... more
Transition from Mirra Alfassa to Annai
The yearning for spirituality drove Mirra Alfassa to experimentation before she chanced upon Aurobindo Ghosh and decided that he would be the apt guru... more
Aurobindo joins India’s freedom movement
Wanting to redeem India’s rich culture from the ruling British, Aurobindo Ghosh joined the freedom movement and was considered a revolutionary... more
Aurobindo and Annai’s blessings
Mother’s blessings work in various ways. A couple of stranded tourists in Paris find that her divine intervention saves them from a lot of trouble... more
Sri Annai -1
Though French by birth, Mirra Alfassa had a strange inclination towards spiritualism from her childhood even though her mother would reprimand her... more
Aurobindo, Annai’s magnificent powers
The devotees of Aurobindo and Mother, affectionately called Annai, are full of real-life stories of the miracles the two have wrought in their lives... more
Aurobindo Ghosh-1
For many people Puducherry means the Aurobindo Ashram more than it means a one-time French colony – that was the impact created by Aurobindo Ghosh... more
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